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  • Modern mom facts!

    2 billion in the World (82.5 million in the U.S.)

    First-time Moms: Average age of new moms is 25, vs. 21 in 1970

    Kids: Modern moms average 2 kids (1950s: 3.5 kids; 1700s: 7-10 kids)

  • Working moms

    72% of moms with children over 1 year old work (about the same as childless women) , vs. 39% in 1976

    55% of moms with a child under 1 year old work, vs. 31% in 1976

    Moms with a full-time job spend 13 hours working at the office or at home on family chores

  • Household chores

    Chores: Women average 2.2 hrs / day, vs. 1.3 hrs / day for men

    Laundry: 88% is done by moms, totaling 330 loads of laundry & 5,300 articles of clothing each year

    Least Favorite Chore: Vacuuming the stairs

    Bathroom Multi-Tasking for Moms: Reading is the most common activity, followed by talking on the phone, meditating, watching TV, drinking coffee, eating and balancing the checkbook


Who is SimplyMomTastic?

Well, that depends on which day you ask me. Every day I am a mom and a wife. I have a 16 year old son
who loves baseball. I have been married for 33 years to my college sweetheart.
I grew up as an Air Force “brat” and was in 13 schools in my 12 years of high school. Yes, we traveled
quite a bit from one end of the country to the other and even lived in Hawaii for several years. My
husband and I lived in Washington State and Northern Idaho for 16 years before moving to Arizona. I
own several different businesses which range from writing grants to skincare to jewelry to travel. I have
been a tenured college professor, have held teaching certificates in three states, and work as a business
consultant training top executives in different industries in a variety of topics such as communications,
teamwork, change, human resources, management, conflict, etc. My mom was a elementary and
reading teacher for 16 years. And, my husband was a high school and college football coach and I was a
coach’s wife – something that brings with it a unique set of challenges. Today he is enjoing a
Education and credentials – got those, too – both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. But, in my opinion,
life in and of itself provides one an education unlike any others.
This blog is designed to simply be about life … life as a mom, a business owner, a wife, and a friend.
Perhaps sometimes you will agree with me and others times you may not. All moms and dads are
fantastic. Our fantastic is just life, itself.

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